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9 June 2019 - Visitors to this site will no doubt be aware that in March 2016 I published a response to Simon Wood's 'Deconstructing Jack' called 'Reconstructing Jack', an article that was cited by the Daily Bulletin here, in which David Allen refers to my 'lengthy rebuttal online that calls his thesis "elaborate balderdash"' and provides a link to the article.  I promised at the end of my 2016 article that I would keep watch on any future editions of Wood's book and I finally now keep that promise with a response to the 2017 edition in a new article entitled Re-Reconstructing Jack.

25 May 2019 - New articles have been added to this site today.  They are designed to be read in the order outlined below (but feel free to select whichever ones you want to start with).  Firstly, for anyone interested, I explain the reasons for my resignation in August 2018 from the Casebook Forum in From Commissioner to Asterisk.   After I resigned from the Forum, and following the unusual behaviour exhibited in one of the threads by the author and Tumblety 'expert' Michael Hawley, I decided to focus closely on Hawley's published works.  I was truly shocked by what I found, as set out in Hawley's Howlers.  This leads on to my analysis of The Euston Incident.  I've also transcribed key portions of an interview Hawley gave to Jonathan Menges in a a so-called Rippercast which I prefer to call the Howlercast.  Whatever you do, don't miss The Howlercast Part 2: The Twelve Constables in which we see how Hawley tries and fails to defend the inclusion in his books of statements relating to the notorious issue of the 12 constables who were supposed to have been assigned to two major London railway stations to catch Tumblety.  It's absolutely astonishing.  Part 1 of the Howlercast, incidentally, can be found here. In total there are 16 new pages uploaded today including some sub-articles and footnotes to the main articles above.  These are linked to from the main articles. You probably won't be able to read everything in one sitting but I do hope you manage all 16 pages. 

10 May 2019 - Hi, I added one new article to the site last weekend which is Being Fair to Fairfield.