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10 October 2020 - So I was sitting at my computer, working hard, furiously typing up Lord Orsam's latest brilliant articles, when, to my astonishment, I received a Zoom call from....none other than Lord Orsam himself!!!  Imagine my amazement when his handsome face popped up on my screen, his sparkling blue eyes piercing into my very soul.  "Lord Orsam!" I exclaimed, "But...What? How? You're on a computer???!!!!!".  "Yes, my dear boy", he said, his eyes now twinkling, "my PA showed me how to turn it on and use this Zoom thingie, which I suppose I must, during this time of, you know, the Covid""Well Lord Orsam", I said eagerly, perhaps too eagerly, "it's fantastic to see and hear from you? How are you?"  "Oh I'm very well, my dear boy," he replied, his gleaming white teeth shining through his bright red lips, "but can I ask you something?""Yes, of course, Lord Orsam, anything", I responded immediately, curious to know what information he could possibly want from me.  "Who exactly are you?""But, but, but, I mean, Lord Orsam," I stammered, "you called me. Surely you know who I am?""Um, I think I pressed the wrong button" , he replied, "I was hoping to speak to the Home Secretary, who I'm advising on certain matters of national security, but your strange features popped up.  Do you work for me?""Yes Lord Orsam", I said, deflated, "It's David.  I run your website.  You've met me before, at Orsam Towers."  A flash of recognition seemed to light up his face.  "Ah, yes, the website guy.  Darren isn't it? Well I did need to speak to you anyway" "Okay Lord Orsam", I said, "and it's David""Yes, alright, whatever.  Please don't contradict me. Now, down to business. It's time to monetize that website of yours, I think."  "Monetize Lord Orsam?" I replied, a feeling of horror and alarm sweeping across my entire body, "Whatever do you mean?""Well I can't keep paying your wages forever without any return can I, my dear boy? You need to bring in some moolah, understand, to justify your existence or..."  "But Lord Orsam", I interjected, "how can I possibly...", but before I could finish he said, "or you are OUT!""I see, Lord Orsam", I whispered meekly, "very well, I'll try and think of something."  "Very good, Daniel", he barked and then he was gone.  "It's David!" I shouted to a blank screen.

So there I was, despondent.  How was I going to be able to make any money for Lord Orsam?   A paywall?  Surely not. Then, in flash, it occurred to me.  Merchandise!!! Of course.  That will do it.  There must be a huge demand for Lord Orsam merchandise.  Freshly invigorated I prepared some T-shirt designs:







I later sent them over to Orsam Towers for Lord Orsam's approval and was told by his PA that he was delighted.  He told her to get them into the Orsam Store at the highest rip-off price possible, at least £39.99 RRP, and market them as the ideal Christmas present for your loved ones.  Phew, it looks like my job is safe for the moment.  And the next update will be on 14 November. 

19 September 2020Happy Orsam Day everyone!  And what a MASSIVE Orsam Day it is.  There's so much incredible material for you.  Let's start with the main article Silence of the Anne containing exclusive new information about the distribution (and purpose) of Mike Barrett's affidavit. Accompanying this article is Anne and Keith in a Tree... although Lord Orsam has asked me to point out that no kissing, or any other form of physical contact, is implied or suggested by the title of this article!  Continuing with the Maybrick diary theme, we have That Little Red Diary which is an important article about Mike Barrett's purchase of the 1891 diary.  You've probably already spotted the extraordinary new and bizarre cult of diary denial sweeping the Forum and Lord Orsam writes about it in The New Cult of Diary Denial.  Then we have The False Inside Story which details a rather embarrassing error about the contents of her own book by one of the authors of 'Inside Story' which also ties in with 'Silence of the Anne'.  No Orsam Day would ever be complete without the people's favourite Lord Orsam Says... and, in the eleventh part of the series, Lord Orsam, as usual, has a LOT to say, including about bumbling buffoons. There's even two overflow articles from 'Lord Orsam Says...' which are The Inside Story of Post #6135 and The Inside Story of Post #6143. Next we have a big series of articles in response to the responses to Lord Orsam's groundbreaking 'Bunny's Aunt'.  So we have as follows:

Lord Orsam Responds 1: General Response 

Lord Orsam Responds 2: Keith Skinner's Dog's Dinner

Lord Orsam Responds 3: Caroline Morris Special

Lord Orsam Responds 4: Miscellaneous

And then what might have been labelled Lord Orsam's Responses 5, 6 and 7 but, for reasons best known to his Lordship, are not formally numbered as such:

Collins and the Clanger (and the Nature of Proof)

Bunny's Friend

The Facts of Iconoclast 

And I think that's it.  What a juicy amount of new articles for you.  All free from Lord Orsam!  In fact, there's so much material in this update that Lord Orsam has asked me to postpone one article intended to be published today to the next update.

One more thing. Lord Orsam is frequently mentioned in online posts but his name isn't always spelled or written correctly and he's asked me to announce that, for all quotations on this website which refer to his name, he will, if necessary, change the spelling to the correct form, with the correct title, without any further notification or indication that he's done so. 

1 August 2020 - Happy Mini Orsam Day!   So how could James Maybrick have made a basic mistake in his personal diary about his wife's family, which exact same mistake was also (but, in truth, for the first time) made by a lawyer with no knowledge of his family, some two months after his death?  The answer is that he could not possibly have made such a mistake, thus proving the diary to be a fake, not written by James Maybrick.  Read all about in the much anticipated Bunny's Aunt.  Oh, and Lord Orsam has asked me to point out that this isn't even the first mistake identified in the diary, nor the second or third (because 'one off instance', the mistake about Kelly's breasts and the error regarding the missing key are all mistakes which prove the diary to be a fake too).  Now that we can turn our entire attention to the question of just who was responsible for forging the diary, this article, which should have been published in the last update, Blackmail, or Mrs Barrett, may be of interest. Naturally, there's a Lord Orsam Says..., tenth edition, and that's got plenty for diary aficionados.  As Lord Orsam will be following up on some of the information in this 'Lord Orsam Says...' in the next update he would particularly like to draw your attention to the sections: 'Forging a Victorian Diary', 'A Matter of Timing' and 'The Ignorance of a Diary Defender'.  It will be helpful if you absorb those sections in advance of the next update because it will greatly assist your understanding if you've grasped the background. Needless to say, Lord Orsam hopes you will read all the sections with care. Have a great Mini Orsam Day....!!!

18 July 2020 - Happy Orsam Day!!!  If you haven't seen it already, may I immediately draw your attention to the Special Announcement on the left hand side of this page which is causing a sensation in the world of Diary Studies.  I can tell that you Lord Orsam is feeling very pleased with himself with the discovery that he kindly tells us about in that announcement.  But that's for the future.  Right now there is absolutely LOADS of content for you.  We start, as always, with the latest edition of the people's favourite, Lord Orsam Says....  Once again, it became such a long one that it needed an overflow article which is How to Befuddle and Confuse.  For those who can't get enough of Maybrick Diary articles we also have Inside Story of a Sceptical Mind and Dizzy Miss Lizzy.  Then, for something completely different, Lord Orsam has finally got around to considering Hallie Rubenhold's book, and you can read his opinions about it in Deconstructing Hallie.  Accompanying that article are three short linked articles: Roman SecretsGeorge Hutchinson Reborn and 14 Millers Court.  That's it for now, you lucky, lucky, people but do check back in about a week when we expect to be announcing a date for the already much anticipated Mini Orsam Day as promised in the Special Announcement; and if you haven't yet read the Special Announcement, what's keeping you?

6 June 2020 - Happy Orsam Day!  There is plenty, and I do mean plenty, of reading for you today.  We start, of course, with the People's Favourite Lord Orsam Says... but this one became so long that Lord Orsam had to create some emergency overflow articles starting with Oh Carolina!  which responds to additional posts about the Maybrick Diary by Caroline Morris and then onto The Inside Story of Post #506 which deals with a single post by the same person.  We also have Every One's A Skinner being a compilation of the thoughts of Keith Skinner in his own words.  For the conspiracy lovers amongst us we have an exciting new overflow feature called Lord Orsam's Conspiracy CornerThen we have two new articles.  Firstly Matching Boxes in which Lord Orsam takes a look at that darned empty tin match box and then, for those not so interested in the Maybrick Diary, never fear because we have Lord Orsam's response to the latest Hainsworth book about Druitt, Bridge Over Troubled Water .   That's it for now but, for those asking eagerly when Lord Orsam is going to turn his mind to Hallie Rubenhold's 'The Five', I've heard a rumour from Orsam Towers that his Lordship is working on this right now but whether he will finish in time for the next update is uncertain.  Finally, as a public service announcement, in response to a question on the Censorship Forum (#7 in the Dr Timothy R. Kileen thread), Lord Orsam has personally asked me to state that he is not the person who used to post on that forum as 'Dave O'.  He does not know who that person is but assumes he him to be a researcher called David O'Flaherty.  

27 March 2020 - Two Orsam Days within one week!  Why?  Because of the complete and utter nonsense Lord Orsam found himself reading in Mike Hawley's latest Ripperologist article, his response to which can be found in Fake Orders, Fake Discovery.  Also because of the nonsense on the forums over the past few days, his responses to which can be found in Gary the Clanger and in a special (seventh) edition of the Lord Orsam Says... .

22 March 2020 - What better way is there to pass the time in self-isolation than to read the latest articles from Lord Orsam?  But you already knew that, which is why you are here. The main article this time is What the Butler Saw: Archaeology in Mud (Maybrick related) and, of course, we have the latest, sixth installment of the perennial favourite Lord Orsam Says....  In there you'll find a link to a bonus article for anyone who wants to reminisce about the good old days of my dear boy, or girl, Pierre.  Happy Orsam Day, and stay safe!

26 January 2020 – Happy Orsam Day!   Today we have a new article A Man in a Pub, an analysis of Mike Barrett’s 10 April 1999 interview, for which the word ‘masterly’ has been waiting patiently in the dictionary for hundreds of years to be used to describe.  In order to keep his fans happy, and to prevent rioting on the streets, Lord Orsam has also condescended to produce another instalment in the people’s favourite: Lord Orsam Says....  Please enjoy what his Lordship has furnished and remember (as he has instructed me to say on pain of dismissal): No Orsam, No Comment!

24 November 2019 - For anyone who has been waiting to hear what Lord Orsam is saying now, just go straight to the latest episode of the incredibly popular Lord Orsam Says.... Then you will no doubt want to read the latest new article, Who Was the Worst Jack the Ripper Writer? 

27 October 2019 -  Some new articles have been uploaded today. You can start, if you like, with the ever-popular Lord Orsam Says... or, if you want to go straight for the Maybrick Diary meat, you can find a response to the second edition of Robert Smith's book at Not True, Funny How It Seems which has a number of accompanying sub-articles: Off and On Again, One Off Expressions, and Wescott Confidential.  If you're interested in the Maybrick Diary you must also check out the updated version of Pillar Of Sand which contains three updates (clearly indicated in blue font) under the headings: '9a We All Hate Dutton', 10. Don't Panick Mr Maybrick! and, briefly, under 'SECTION E PROVENANCE'.  You also shouldn't forget Lord Orsam versus The Dictionary.   Finally, and for something completely different, check out A49301 (for a temporary period only!).  

8 September 2019 - Six new articles from Lord Orsam today.  I'm particularly pleased that his Lordship has decided to continue his popular 'blog' page with a brand new Lord Orsam Says.... Then we have three Lechmere related articles:  A Look Under The Barnett, Crossing The Line and News Of The Ooze.  Next we have a Maybrick related article in A Frequenting Occurrence and, finally, some Sickert related talk in Cornwell's Patsy.

20 August 2019 - Well Lord Orsam certainly has been busy over the past eight days and is today publishing no fewer than four new articles.  Wow! The first is a 'blog' response to what has been posted around the forums since his last articles in Lord Orsam Says... .  Next, we find a new article about the Lechmere/Cross name issue in A Bee In His Barnett. Then Lord Orsam turns his attention to The Five - that's The Five Feldman Questions of course in The Five......Feldman Questions.  Finally, Lord Orsam is keenly aware that some members of the JTR community struggle with long articles and, on the one year anniversary of his explosive departure from the Casebook Censorship Forum, he has helpfully written for them a short one page beginner's guide to that departure entitled From Commissioner to Asterisk: A Beginner's Guide.

12 August 2019 - Two new articles and two updates to existing articles are published today.  The first new one is A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To JTR Forums.  The second is entitled The Eleven Days.  I've also updated Some Thoughts, under the heading 'New JTR Suspect Identified!', and Send In The Clowns too (at the foot of the page).

6 August 2019 - I've published a reply to some online responses to 'Pillar of Sand' in Send In The Clowns. For the technologically troubled, who find the articles on this site too small, you will have a Zoom button within your browser and all you need to do is enlarge from 100% to 150% or 200%, or more, and you can make the articles fill your entire screen if you wish!  Isn't technology amazing?  For those who don't like the standard fonts and colours on here (which won't be changing - this site is a triumph of content over form!) it's really very quick and easy to copy and past any articles into a Word document and then change the font, font size and font colour to anything you choose, if that will make your reading experience more enjoyable.  It's then possible to convert that Word document to a PDF if you wish.  Wow!  

6 August 2019 - Perhaps hidden too well as a link within my 'Pillar of Sand' article, anyone interested in the 17 September 1888 purported Jack the Ripper letter might want to check out the sub-article (perhaps more of an extended footnote) called 'Page 103B' which you can access here.

28 July 2019 - The person who hides his identity online under the name 'Iconoclast' invited me to respond to his article entitled 'Society's Pillar' and I've now done so in my article published today called Pillar of Sand.  This should be read together with my sub-article, One Off Article.  A further sub-article is linked to, entitled Page 103B.

3 July 2019 - As promised, I've now updated Cutbush City Limits  with information obtained from the death certificate of Arthur Nelson Race, the son of Inspector William Race.

29 June 2019 - I have posted a new article called Cutbush City Limits which responds to an issue raised in Simon Wood's book, not dealt with in my Reconstructing Jack articles.  There is also a short vaguely related sub-article called Druitt Extra.   In addition, I have added two major sections to Re-Reconstructing Jack.  Both sections are in easy to find light blue font and are located under the headings 'STRIDE' and 'LINKING THE MURDERS' respectively.  I hope you enjoy them.  

9 June 2019 - Visitors to this site will no doubt be aware that in March 2016 I published a response to Simon Wood's 'Deconstructing Jack' called 'Reconstructing Jack', an article that was cited by the Daily Bulletin here, in which David Allen refers to my 'lengthy rebuttal online that calls his thesis "elaborate balderdash"' and provides a link to the article.  I promised at the end of my 2016 article that I would keep watch on any future editions of Wood's book and I finally now keep that promise with a response to the 2017 edition in a new article entitled Re-Reconstructing Jack.

25 May 2019 - New articles have been added to this site today.  They are designed to be read in the order outlined below (but feel free to select whichever ones you want to start with).  Firstly, for anyone interested, I explain the reasons for my resignation in August 2018 from the Casebook Forum in From Commissioner to Asterisk.   After I resigned from the Forum, and following the unusual behaviour exhibited in one of the threads by the author and Tumblety 'expert' Michael Hawley, I decided to focus closely on Hawley's published works.  I was truly shocked by what I found, as set out in Hawley's Howlers.  This leads on to my analysis of The Euston Incident.  I've also transcribed key portions of an interview Hawley gave to Jonathan Menges in a a so-called Rippercast which I prefer to call the Howlercast.  Whatever you do, don't miss The Howlercast Part 2: The Twelve Constables in which we see how Hawley tries and fails to defend the inclusion in his books of statements relating to the notorious issue of the 12 constables who were supposed to have been assigned to two major London railway stations to catch Tumblety.  It's absolutely astonishing.  Part 1 of the Howlercast, incidentally, can be found here. In total there are 16 new pages uploaded today including some sub-articles and footnotes to the main articles above.  These are linked to from the main articles. You probably won't be able to read everything in one sitting but I do hope you manage all 16 pages. 

10 May 2019 - Hi, I added one new article to the site last weekend which is Being Fair to Fairfield.