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Hanbury Street: 1911

While researching my book, The Temperature of Death, I came across some interesting photographs of 62 Hanbury Street in a file at the National Archives relating to the murders of Solomon and Anne Milstein at that address in December 1911, as discussed in the book. I thought I would share them here.

The first is the outside of the front of the premises which was used as a Jewish restaurant (the Hebrew word that can be seen in the window reading "kosher"):

The next is what appears to be the back of the premises:

Here's one of the interior showing the (disturbed) bedroom:

Finally, another one of the interior showing the staircase:

Although primarily a restaurant, there was a gambling den in the cellar and it was the type of unsavoury characters attracted to this den which led to the murders of the Milsteins.

LORD ORSAM 6 October 2023

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