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The cry I hear from the streets is "Lord Orsam can we hear more of your music?"

Well readers of the old website might recall my song "A49301" which I wrote after spending many days at the National Archives searching dusty old Home Office registers spanning many years looking for that particular reference number in order to identify every file in the series which related to the Whitechapel murders, or rather my assistant did, but it was at my direction so I take all the credit. Those who read 'The Lost Ripper Files' in Ripperologist 165 will know that I managed to find the entire series of files under A49301.

But with the reference "A49301" buzzing around in my head, or rather in my assistant's head, during those days in Kew, I wrote the song "A49301", about an imaginary "A" road with that number, and some of you will have heard it on the old website, poorly sung and produced by my assistant.

The exciting news for you is that I've now had the song professionally recorded and produced in a country music style. Sadly the title of "A49301" had to replaced, due to not making sense as an American country song, and it's now called "Highway 301" after a real name of that road in the USA, also the subject of 1950 film of the same name:

So here's a link to the song, if you are interested in how it turned out:

Feel free to replace "Highway 301" with "A49301" in your mind if you'd like to make the song more ripperological.


2 November 2023

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