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I'll be slowly adding historic articles to the tab above but new articles will be in the form of blog posts (as that seems to be how it's done these days).  As far as I can tell, anyone can subscribe to be notified of any new blog posts, and that might the way forward to avoid having to continually check back.  I'll aim to publish new blog posts on a regular basis.  Comments are also possible in response to the blog posts. At the moment, you don't need to be a member to comment.  In the meantime check the Blog section for a new existing feature, intended to be constantly updated, called 'Ask Orsam....about the diary'.  That's it for the moment, I'm still trying to understand how this site actually works.  If you find out, let me know.

News Update: 31 August 2023

A new blog post has been added (just a quickie) entitled 'Reflections on the Suckered! Trilogy' and the three articles in that very trilogy have been re-uploaded to this new site under the 'Historic Articles' tab.  If you haven't read them for a long time, I would say they are worth a re-read.  If you've never read them before, they are a must read.

Lord Orsam has also updated his 'Ask Orsam....about the diary' blog feature with some brand new answers (in blue font) to some questions arising out of an online posting earlier today.  Lord Orsam does love to receive and respond to customer feedback! Some yet further Q&A (in yellow font) arise out of another online posting this afternoon by the same person. And wow, he's been remarkably busy this evening, for I see yet another answer added in cream colour.

The Click Here button above

If you click that button it should take you to a page where you can sign up to become a member of this site, which should then enable you to receive notification alerts of new blog posts.  

News Update: 1 Sept 2023

Lord Orsam answers some additional diary related questions today in 'Ask Orsam', added in white font today.

News Update: 3 Sept 2023

The four articles in the "Suckered! Plus" Quadrilogy have now been uploaded to the site together with an accompanying short blog post about them.

Lord Orsam has also generously answered some more questions today in the 'Ask Orsam...about the diary' blog.

News Update: 4 Sept 2023

The unstoppable Lord Orsam has kindly agreed to answer some more questions in the 'Ask Orsam...about the diary' blog, this time in green font.

News Update: 5 Sept 2023

It's purple font today in the 'Ask Orsam...about the diary' blog.  Enjoy Lord Orsam's latest answers.

News Update: 6 Sept 2023

We're in a pale blue sort of font today as Lord Orsam answers some more questions in the 'Ask Orsam...' blog.

News Update: 7 Sept 2023

Lord Orsam has published a new blog entry on the Lechmere/Cross name issue here.

There's already been a response to the new blog entry from a critic, so Lord Orsam has responded in a new blog post here.   Now with additional comments by Lord Orsam in blue font.

News Update: 8 Sept 2023

More new Q&A added in the 'Ask Orsam....about Lechmere/Cross' blog here in yellow font.  Now with further additions in purple.

News Update: 9 Sept 2023

We are back in the 'Ask Orsam...about the diary' blog today with some more diary discussion with Lord Orsam.

News Update: 12 Sept 2023

New blog post added: Name Issue: Bonus Case Study!

News Update: 13 Sept 2023

By special request, Lord Orsam has added a new blog post: Electricians' Special.  I'm not entirely sure about the apostrophe in the title but better to be safe than sorry.

News Update: 15 Sept 2023

Lord Orsam has added a new blog post: The Long Game

News Update: 18 Sept 2023

Lord Orsam has added a new blog post: The Missing Newspapers

News Update: 21 Sept 2023

Lord Orsam has added a new blog post: The Game of the Name

Lord Orsam has also dealt with a new diary question (in yellow font) in Ask Orsam...about the diary

News Update: 30 Sept 2023

Lord Orsam has added two new blog posts: A Beautiful Mind: Jonathan Hainsworth and the Power of Imagination and The Lodger and the Landlady.

He has also answered some more questions (in white font) in Ask Orsam...About Lechmere/Cross.

News Update: 6 Oct 2023

In a different type of post than normal, Lord Orsam has uploaded a few interesting historical photographs in Hanbury Street: 1911

News Update: 10 Oct 2023

To celebrate the restoration of Lord Orsam's A Man in a Pub article in the 'Historic Articles' section, Lord Orsam has written a new blog post, That Man in a Pub.

News Update: 15 Oct 2023

A new diary-related blog post is published today: Mikes' Motive dealing with why Mike confessed in June 1994.

The blog post Ask Orsam...about the diary has also been updated, this time back to white font.

News Update: 23 Oct 2023

Another new diary-related blog post is published today on a familiar topic: That Little Red Diary.

News Update: 2 Nov 2023

A musical interlude from his Lordship in A49301.

News Update: 7 Nov 2023

Lord Orsam shares some thoughts about another serial killer in Along the Green River.

News Update: 16 Nov 2023

Catch up with Lord Orsam's thoughts about what he's been reading on the boards for the past ten days in Lord Orsam's Diary.

News upate: 24 Nov 2023

Following the incredible popularity of Lord Orsam's diary, his Lordship now presents Lord Orsam's Diary PART 2.

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