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From Commissioner to Asterisk:                  A Beginner's Guide

Exactly one year ago today I requested deactivation of my membership of Casebook and resigned from the Forum.  For those who have been daunted by the length of 'From Commissioner to Asterisk', here is a brief 10 point summary of the scandal which involved the Casebook administrator closing a thread in which I had been quite legitimately and reasonably holding an author of a JTR suspect book to account. 

J'accuse the administrator of Casebook of:

1.       Falsely accusing me of 'badgering an author relentlessly with the same questions', thereby 'harassing' him.

2.       Failing to understand and/or properly apply the clear and longstanding Forum rule about the right of Forum members to challenge and question authors. 

3.       Failing to properly read and comprehend the thread in question during her review.

4.       Falsely stating that she would be 'sending private messages to parties'.

5.       Wrongly closing the thread and keeping it closed to this day.

6.       Failing to respond to my PM regarding her ruling for three months.

7.       Refusing to answer any of my questions during private communications about the thread closure or about her false accusation against me, also refusing to engage with me at all or to discuss her ruling in private.

8.       Refusing to allow me even to raise any issue with her in private about her ruling.

9.       Secretly deleting her ruling after my resignation, without informing Forum members of what she had done and without expressly retracting her accusation.

10.   Providing a misleading and one-sided account to the Forum members of the reason for my departure from the Forum, failing to inform them that I had resigned. 


And then in the background we have a shadowy figure who reported the thread to the administrator whose motives have not yet been fully established and whose influence on the way that the administrator dealt with the situation is unclear.

That's the scandal in a nutshell.  Thanks for reading.


Lord Orsam
20 August 2019