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The Camden Town Murder Mystery

Lord Orsam's second book was another murder mystery, this time a more famous one, about the murder of Emily 'Phyllis' Dimmock in 1907.  It's another must buy book!  The Kindle version is available for £2.99 or $3.90 while the paperback can be got for £7.91 on if you move fast or $21.36 from  Links to purchase are below.

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The brutal murder of Emily Elizabeth ‘Phyllis’ Dimmock in her Camden Town bedroom during September 1907 and the subsequent police investigation - culminating in the arrest, trial and acquittal of graphic designer, Robert Wood - shocked and fascinated Edwardian England in equal measure. Many writers have attempted to tell the story of this famous unsolved crime but none have   Many writers have attempted to tell the story of this famous unsolved crime but none have managed to do so without misunderstanding, or missing, important clues.  

Taking a fresh look at the evidence, David Barrat considers documents from the Metropolitan Police file in the National Archives, as well as contemporary newspaper accounts, genealogical records and other sources, to put together the most detailed and accurate account of the case ever published.  In doing so, he reveals, for the first time, the astonishing truth about one of the key prosecution witnesses and introduces both new and long-forgotten suspects.  He also uncovers hitherto hidden connections between the murder of Emily Dimmock and two other famous unsolved murders of the period.

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in historical true crime as the author enables the reader to form their own conclusion as to who might have committed the murder.


Buy the Kindle edition from here or from here

Buy the paperback edition from here or from here for a limited time only.  It is now out of print.

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