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The Islington Murder Mystery

This was Lord Orsam's first book, a real page turner if there ever was one, about a little known murder from 1915.  The Kindle version is available on Amazon for a bargain price of £2.99 or $3.90.  The paperback is currently selling on for the ludicrously low price of £4.71.  That is an absolute steal!  If you haven't purchased it yet, now is your chance.  You probably know how to find stuff on Amazon but the links are below anyway.

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When an army officer's wife is found dead in the front hall of her home in Islington during the evening of Tuesday 23 March 1915, the police initially believe it to be a tragic accident. Then a bullet is discovered lodged in Annie Wootten's spine and the authorities belatedly realise they have a murder on their hands. The story becomes a national sensation when detectives dramatically arrest their prime suspect in a Central London bar.

The case has all the ingredients of a classic murder mystery: a strange voice at the scene of the crime, a smouldering blouse, an anonymous telegram, a veiled lady, a missing revolver and even a dog which fails to bark in the night.  Somewhat overshadowed in its day by reports of the trial of the 'Brides in the Bath' serial killer, George Joseph Smith, which took place in the at the same time as the trial of the accused murderer, it is surprisingly little known today but David Barrat uses unpublished documents held in the National Archives to bring the story back to life as he attempts to solve the riddle of who did it and how.


The Kindle version can be purchased from here

or from here 

The paperback version can be purchased from here for a limited time only.  It is now out of print.

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